​​The Quantum Correlations Group led by Professor Gerardo Adesso is part of the Mathematical Physics research division in the School of Mathematical Sciences and affiliated with the Centre for the Mathematical and Theoretical Physics of Quantum Non-Equilibrium Systems at the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)

Our research is mainly devoted to the identification and quantification of genuinely quantum resources for efficient quantum information technology.

We are interested in understanding the most essential signatures of quantumness in elementary and complex systems, so as to cast light on foundational aspects of quantum theory, while devising novel ways to exploit quantumness operationally for robust applications.

We have a strong tradition in the study of entanglement and quantum correlations in general, in discrete as well as continuous variable multipartite quantum systems (encompassing atoms, light, and interfaces thereof).

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  • We are always on the lookout for new PhD students. The list of projects on the Nottingham admission portal may be outdated, but we are generally interested in any research related to quantum foundations or applications and with a good fit with our expertise. Please contact us for more information.
  • Post-doctoral prospective applicants are welcome to consider numerous schemes to join our group, e.g. EPSRC, Royal Society, Leverhulme Trust, or EU Marie Curie Fellowships. See this page for details and  contact us to express an interest.
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